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Superlux D112C Dynamic Harp Mic

Has anyone had any experience with the
Superlux D112C Dynamic Harp Mic ? How does it sound compared to the Blues Blaster or Green Bullet? What type of element ?
T-bone Bruce

I've had one for a while now. They are a good mic, better than a 520DX or new Bluesblaster IMO, certainly good value- around half the price of either of the others, at least here in the UK/Europe.
The shell is about the same size as a 520DX, and has slightly flattened sides, and finger grooves in the top. The pictures I've seen on the web don't actually do the finish justice. It is hard to describe, a metallic green/blue/grey colour for the shell and silver for the grille.
It has a dynamic element, about the same diameter as the Shure CM, and a transformer mounted to the back of it. The volume control has a click about half way, and get much louder on the second half, and is mounted where the stand hole would be. It has a 20' fixed cable (I'm going to put a switchcraft connector on mine sometime) with a small hex nut that helps hold it in. Soundwise they are similar to a Shure CM, with the caveat that not all CM's are created equal. I compared mine to a US made 1977 Shure R44D element, and it was louder, but *slightly* less bassy. I've since sold that element on, and I'm using a 1963 998B6 ( I think?) CM now, which is slightly louder than the Superlux and has a little more bass.
Freq. response is quoted at 100Hz to 5kHz, and sensitivity at -48dBV, which is pretty darn hot... but despite that it's very feedback resistant. In a test against my other mics (Shure CM in new blues blaster shell, Shaker Dynamic and Crystal mic using the old bluesblaster crystal) it was last to feed back.
Having opened up the shell I can tell you the wiring is pretty thin, although the cable is well clamped. I think, from what one of my friends in Sweden said, you can fit a CM in the gasket instead if you don't like the original element. He has 2 , one modded with a CM and one unmodded.
If you PM me I'll send you sound samples, with the warning you have to get past my bad playing.
Jeffrey Spoor

Interesting-looking mic. I like the ripples for fingers. Definitely a take-off on the 520, but what the heck. Report back if you get one!

Nice looking mic. One thing I wonder about - the spec (on an eBay auction) says it weighs 22.93 oz. This is 10 oz MORE than a 520DX which is already too heavy. Is it really that heavy?
Jeffrey Spoor

Must be the weight of the transformer. You are right though. Hoisting that thing all night long would give you some arms!
T-bone Bruce

The transformer isn't that big! That quoted weight includes the 20' of cable, because I put mine on the kitchen scales, and the mic itself is 15 oz, but goes up to 22-23 oz with the cable included. (sorry my kitchen aren't very accurate!) My Blues Blaster shell with a Shure CM weighs in about the same weights: 15 oz for the mic and a total of 23 oz with the 20' cable. Shure quotes 26 oz for a 520DX with cable.
Jeffrey Spoor

Heh, that would explain it!

Man, those are heavy mics.
T-bone Bruce

It might seem strange to some, but I like a bit of weight to my mics. I find it easier to do "trills" for one thing, because when I shake my head the harp and mic stay put.

you know ,at the price they go for it might not be a bad backup mic.if you don't like the element you could probably use it as a decent shell to hold a CM/CR. Forum Index -> Harps, Mics, Amps
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